Purchase Order Finance

purchase order finance

What is it?

Purchase Order Finance is funding advanced to a supplier secured against a confirmed Purchase Order. This type of funding is tailor made for young and growing businesses that receive valuable orders from the Government and from large organisations, but lack the cash resources to pay for the products to be procured.
Purchase Order Finance can help businesses address this funding gap by assisting with the financing of the transaction up until the time an invoice is raised. The level of funding will depend upon the make-up of the order and the strength of the company issuing the Purchase Order.

How to apply


  • Valid PO
  • Bank statements
  • KYC documentation
  • Quote for products
  • Resolution

Submit Online Form

  • Assessment of application
  • Confirmation of PO
  • Loan approval
  • Payment of supplier

Loan Approval

  • Sign contracts
  • Disbursement
  • Supply of goods
  • Raise invoice


  • Payment
  • Disbursement
  • Supply of goods